Darcie Ann Loy

Darcie Ann Loy


A Canadian Citizen and Nicaraguan Resident

When I graduated Business College in May 1995, I told myself some beach – some where – some day. Then, April 2007 after several annual holidays at various tropical locations, I went for a ten day vacation on Corn Island and I immediately fell in love with this hidden paradise. I returned in June to purchase my piece of land that I planned to just sit on until I was ready to retire. A combination of impatience, excitement and an extreme intolerance to Canadian cold winters prompted me to get creative and think of a way I could grasp my dream sooner. Radical lifestyle changes were happening, I became a grandmother, single, a daughter without a mother, an empty nester and turned 40 all within a couple of years. So, I sold my house in Canada and focused all my attention on building up a successful business that would provide the freedom lifestyle that I dreamed of having without waiting until retirement to live it.

I immediately felt at home on the island with so many wonderful friends and many of whom have become to feel like my second family. My first purchase after my property was my island pony, Coffee, and I haven’t regretted it for a moment. I have spent countless hours circling the island, running on the beach and racing on the sand road. He is a winner more often than not.

Construction has definitely been an adventure. My procrastination to learn Spanish because “everyone on the island speaks English” proved to be a bigger stumbling block than I anticipated. The majority of my materials and supplies I purchased on the mainland; where Spanish is the first and most often, the only language. I will be fluent, someday. I have met many challenges along this journey.  I only stop to reflect on the fact that I embarked on this journey as a woman, alone, when I would meet up with a stranger or a former acquaintance and share “what do you do?” stories.  Their look of stunned disbelief of what I set out to do and continuing to do was usually enough to refuel me to take on the next challenge.

My goal was and still is to have a small, yet grand; humble, yet luxurious retreat that guests feel they can relax in a tranquil environment and rejuvenate from the pressures of the outside world. Hospitality is my focus to make sure each guest feels they are treated as the VIP on the island.

When I am not on the island, I am back in Canada with my family. My son is 23 and in his final year of apprenticeship towards a career as a Journeyman Electrician and making me proud.  My beautiful daughter will soon be 28 and is a Photographer with me as her #1 fan; but, her first love is being a home-maker for my wonderful son-in-law and their 3 beautiful children that are 5, 6 and 7. My father farms with my younger brother, whom lives on our homestead in Saskatchewan Canada with my sister-in-law and 2 adorable nephews who are line to become the fifth generation John Deere farmer and Loy homesteader. Leaving all of them back in Canada after each visit is, by far, the hardest thing about this whole new adventure. Canada will always be my home in my heart because that is where my family is. If I could move them all here, I would not leave again, for I truly have found, my paradise.

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