Our Island

Seventy Kilometers off the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua is one of the hottest Caribbean destinations you’ve never heard of, but that won’t last for long. Visiting this picturesque paradise is like stepping back in time 30 years ago. Corn Island (Spanish: Las Islas del Maiz) is a dream come true for divers of untouched (unbroken) reefs, fisherman of the unfished sport fishing, and solitude seekers. You won’t find major shopping and dining venues here, but artisan shops and street vendors that line the quiet cobblestone road encircling the island. The land is lush with exotic fruit trees, dotted with coconut palms and wild horses roam free.

The local Islanders, (approximately 8000 inhabitants) descendants from the original British prospectors and freed slaves, make their living from harvesting lobster and fish. The majority of inhabitants, native to the island are English spoken with a Caribbean accent. There are many inhabitants who have come over from mainland Nicaragua and consequently speak Spanish as a first language. There are also others who speak Miskito or other Caribbean languages or dialects. The majority speak both passable Spanish and English.

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